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Teenage Suicide (Tremendous Tragic Waste Of Young Human Life). It happened again today, another young person just barely a teenager has taken their own life. A young boy just 14 years of age for some reason decided that life was too hard and he did not want to live any longer so he took a gun and ended his own life. You hear or read about this kind of news more today than ever before if you think that this is just another sad story that you hear about on the news that and it has nothing to do with you ,because you did not know this young boy or have had anyone in your family take their life before, so it ends up in your mind as just another one if those sad stories you hear about on the news. Do you know of or maybe know of someone, maybe a neighbor or friend someone that you know love personally that may have committed suicide if not I got news for you you soon will because it's happening more and more each day. I personally know of several people that took their life during time during my lifetime anyway I have been on this Earth for about 72 years now and I know that people that commit suicide some more adults but this young boy that I know of 14 years old that took his life today really hits close to my heart. Although not really related I was known as Uncle Jimmy and he would look forward for me to have chewing gum in my pocket to give to him when I came around right full of energy happy and every way not a problem in the world as he grew from childhood. So what happened in that short span of time from being a child to the start of being a teenage years what took place in this young boy's life that was so overwhelming he did not want to live any longer. Some may say it was drugs or alcohol but if you stop and think for just a moment unless someone has an overdose of drugs or alcohol that just kills them otherwise the drugs and alcohol just give them enough courage to commit what they are going to do if they were in their right State of Mind no drugs or alcohol they would not have the courage to commit suicide you should blame the most causes there it's either deep seated problem or a mental emotional problem. Thus was a bright , very young , full of energy young boy had all his future ahead of him now he will never know the excitement of getting a driver's license going out on his first date, even though I was not his real Uncle or related in any way this will haunt me for the rest of my life because I will always remember when driving up to his house and him running out searching my pocket and asking me for chewing gum you got gum, you got gum, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Jimmy,even though I was not related I was still Uncle Jimmy. My heartache so bad when I think about it. And if it hurts me this man I wonder if it hurts the family the same way. I'm not stupid and I know in my mind heart and soul that this could have been prevented, but you know how it is you can't name names or point fingers at someone but there is always something or someone to blame it has to start from somewhere.

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