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Updated: Feb 17

I am no one special I'm here just to make a statement a fact you can take it or leave it. I am trying to start a website that I believe will help people in their everyday lives. I am at the age now of 72 and have been through many things that most people have not, and I believe I qualify to give this advice to everyone and anyone. (The devil has a plan to keep you so busy with life you don't have time to even think about God. If you don't want to die and go to hell then please read these words. The devil is a smart cunning patient he will find your weakness and you won't even know it when he attacks. Wake up people when was the last time you prayed, for God's, help, or went to church? Stop and think about it for a moment are you so busy with housework and getting the groceries, going to work, and the kids, and the family, and everything else, and all the struggles problems, and worldly things that you have to come face to face with; that's what the devil wants to keep you so busy with that you don't have time to do anything else and at the end of the day you're too tired for God. If you want to live after you die then take heed to these words, (Wake up, stop just for a few seconds, think about your life and where you are now. How much more hardships are you willing to go through? How's your life going so far? This world was not created by accident everything is too perfect to have been created by accident, even the top professional people in the world cannot explain everything like how the human brain works, the human body is so complicated even the most professional people cannot explain how it works or how it functions God, created it that's why you can believe it, or not If you don't, then I'll just check the dust off my sandals and I will go elsewhere, where someone is willing to listen to the truth and the facts. I am only trying my best to convince people that there is A God and a devil, and right now the devil has control over the earth, remember he was here way before us. I could tell you a story about it, But read it for yourself, that is if you can think of the last place you last had the Bible.

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M. Jeffrey Malcolm II
M. Jeffrey Malcolm II
Feb 29
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Godspeed and Good Luck with your website!

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